Trista H. Bergen, Norway

"I don't like gyms. I cannot figure out the equiptmeant and I find the environment intimidating. So when I found Fit4Mii, I thought its worth a try. I actually love it! The trainers are great and really make fitness fun. Prerecorded fitness videos tend to have no personality, but Fit4Mii these trainers really make the classes enjoyable" 

Azadeh S - London, UK

"Classes are great! I find it difficult to get to the gym because I'm busy with work and my young child. I had hoped to lose weight, and the weight loss tracker enables me to track my inch loss - not just my weight. I can workout from the comfort of my own home in my own time! its great!"

Camille T, Port of Spain, Trinidad

"I'm a busy business woman. I spend my days in my studio, making jewerly for my store. I just don't have the time to get to the gym. But the classes  on Fit4Mii are great,  and convinient. 

Jitana L, ACT, Australia

"Fit4Mii is brilliant! the trainers make weight loss and fitness fun! I have never committed to fitness likes I have with Fit4Mii. The app is great and I don't think I would ever need another fitness app again! Fit4Mii does it all"

Catherine A, Georgia, USA

"I found weight loss much easier using Fit4Mii. I travel a lot for work and had difficulties maintaining a fitness regime before. The app provides me with the ability to workout whenever and whereever I am. I can see the difference in my body, I'm so much more fittier and healthier"

Sandra K - Kuanas, Lithuania

"This app is perfect for me! I have a young child and it's hard to find childcare to get to the gym. But with Fit4Mii, I can work out around my child -who often watches me and takes part! The classes are interactive, so I get to ask the trainer questions if I need any help, and the trainer responds during the class!"


Danielle D, Canada

"Just love Fit4Mii! I've dropped a dress size since starting, thanks to all the guidance I've got from the trainers. Absolutley love it, and wish it has been around years ago!"


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